In the food industry, a production manager’s main concern is the cleanliness of their food processing surfaces. Removing leftover, grease, food, soot, and other contaminants from production equipment is a vital practice for avoiding bacteria growth and guaranteeing safe, high-quality products. Due to the strict regulations concerning sanitation in this industry, certain actions have to be taken to ensure that the food processing equipment is kept uncontaminated.

One particularly inefficient strategy that production managers may choose to solve this problem is the traditional method of bringing in a cleaning crew who will often use harsh chemicals. The cleaning crew will use traditional cleaners and methods to try to remove as much contaminant as possible. The cleaning method used could possibly impact the taste, cooking, processing, and overall quality of the food being produced. This strategy is not very efficient or effective, very time consuming, and costly. There is, however, a method of cleaning these processing surfaces that is extremely effective, quick, cost-effective, environment and plant friendly, and FDA, USDA, and EPA approved – dry ice blasting.

Cleaning up the Mess!
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