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Our Company History

Bobbi Monacelli: Owner of Advanced Indoor Air Quality Care

UScleanblast was incorporated in 1997 to address the growing needs for commercial and residential air quality inspection and remediation services to provide clean healthy environments for our clients. The company was formed through the sales knowledge of Bobbi Maureen Monacelli and the technical/operational skills of Thomas Monacelli. The company now, A WBENC company, has grown with a respected reputation that we are very proud to present to our customers.

Initially the company’s primary focus was IAQ testing and duct cleaning services that grew into larger commercial and industrial applications. With additional training and certifications, the company moved to include mold remediation which was becoming a growing concern for many industries (insurance, Real Estate, etc.) and a major contaminant associated with water damaged facilities. The company also began to investing in new technologies and equipment to allow the expansion into fire restoration, historical restoration, combustible dust cleaning, environmental thermography and other areas of cleaning.

Our Services

In the field
In the field

One of our key processes is dry ice blasting (CO2) and soda/media blasting which provides superior results and no residual effects to the structure or environment. The expansion into these newer processes has also prompted us to provide professional continuing education and training for our staff, as well as our recent involvement in the ISN Net World.

Our combustible dust cleaning services have allowed us to provide our clients with state of the art, explosion proof vacuum services to clean away volatile combustible dust which has become a major concern for governmental agencies. Our explosion proof cleaning process meets and exceeds the standards for this type of service, preventing our clients from being hit with significant fines due to recent changes in the laws surrounding combustible dust environments.

As we move in to our 25th year as a company we are looking ahead to find the leading methods, newest practices and cutting edge equipment in our profession to provide the absolute best quality service and responsiveness to our clients remediation needs.

Dry Ice Blasting is Specialty for Bobbi Monacelli’s Company


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