Aerospace Equipment Cleaning

Aerospace Equipment Cleaning

Dry Ice Blast cleaning is ideal for the Airline and Aerospace industries. It is critical for these industries to keep up on cleanliness for performance, functionality and safety. A superior clean by UScleanblast can remove what the eye can and cannot see. In the Aerospace and Airline industries, Dry Ice Blasting offers cleaning of landing gear, wheel wells, electric components, tires and switches, as well as engine and adhesive/sealant cleaning.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning of Airplanes, Aerospace Equipment and more

There are many advantages to Dry Ice Blasting in this industry. The process is fast and efficient and can get the hard – to – reach places that other cleaning methods cannot. Also, Dry Ice Blasting is safe around wires, electrical systems, switches and motors where there is a build up of oil, grease, and carbon deposits.

There is also no secondary waste or moisture introduced, so there is no worry about any interference with the equipment or even water freezing. Another advantage is the fact that there is no need for dis-assembly of any of the equipment such as tow hitches, landing gear systems, engine bay covers, etc.. This leads to a quicker job, less down – time and a more cost effective job.

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Watch this great video on Dry Ice Blasting for the Aerospace Industry

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