Causes of Combustible Dust Explosions

Combustible Dust Removal CompanyOSHA defines combustible dust as being any dust smaller than 420 microns. This dust, if allowed to accumulate more than 1/32 of an inch, can potentially be disturbed into the air. If this dust is dispersed into the air and is ignited by any kind of spark, the dusts will all combust. This causes a chain reaction of explosions as far as the dust can reach. If the dust is able to explode near any other flammable or explosive material, the results will be similar to that of the image below.

The NFPA and OSHA have deemed any traditional cleaning method hazardous and a potential for ignition. Using a industrial vacuum can ignite the dusts inside of the vacuum itself and have been known to injure or worse, to workers in its vicinity. Using a broom and dustpan or using an air pressure hose is also dangerous. These methods will cause the dusts to be dispersed into the air and create a potential explosion atmosphere.

The ONLY way to properly dispose of combustible dust is by using specific combustible dust cleaning vacuums. These vacuums use pneumatic air hose systems, which means there is no electric current available to make a spark. Expert technicians, so as to ensure the safety of the workers in that environment, must handle these dusts. Here at USCleanBlast, we have technicians that are highly skilled in combustible dust cleaning. Do not wait until it is too late. Do not wait until OSHA fines you, or worse; some of your workers are injured or killed.

We are OSHA and NFPA certified and are a specialized Combustible Dust Removal Company.  We serve the Northeastern and Mid Atlantic states but can mobilize nationally depending upon the projects.

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Causes of Combustible Dust Explosions
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