Ice Blasting has benefited the power industry with millions in savings verses replacement of valuable equipment.

Over the years debris, dust and dirt tend to get build up on the windings, lamination and vent ducts.  This results in blocking the heat and causing obstruction of ventilation which prevents needed cooling air from reaching the windings and causing issues with the insulation system. This can cause  flashovers from the Carbon residue in motors and cause efficiency to become a costly issue and extensive downtime.  The costs of motor repairs can be catastrophic and could have been avoided by pro-active ice blasting maintenance

Dry ice blasting has been the answer for removing these contaminates, in place without disassembly,  from the windings of generators and large motors.  Many plants have done costly shipping of equipment when we mobilize and clean right on site.   The process is also effective on removing contaminates from clogged fan guards and cooling fins of enclosed motors, as well as electrical buss, breakers, transformers, switchgear, etc.

With our 20 years of experience and expertise in cleaning we can help you keep this equipment running efficient and pro-actively keep repair costs down.  Experience in this area is the most important factor as inexperienced ice blasters can cause harm to equipment. Let us come meet with you to explain our process and safety with you.

Dirty Windings:

Clean Windings:

Cleaning Motors, Generators, Windings and All Power Equipment 

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