Cleaning at Substations in NY with the  Ice blasting process.

20160310_144422With this process we can clean reactors , switchgear and transformers.   Dry Ice Blasting uses compress C02 (dry ice).  As the frozen pellets are propelled through our specialized gear the C02 evaporates on contact thus cleaning the surface without damaging the sub surfaces.  This allows us to quickly clean any equipment without any waste materials to clean up.  In some cases we can use dry ice on operating equipment further reducing plant and equipment downtime.  In either case dry ice provides a superior clean, zero waste and eco-friendly process.  It’s also more affordable than traditional cleaning processes.

A substation is the point in the T&D system at which the generated voltage is either stepped up for transmission or stepped down for distribution. A Reactor is an application for an inductor. Inductors oppose any change in current. A  reactor is used to ‘slow down’ (a simplification) any significant change in current arising from, possibly a  short-circuit fault.  Reactors are also used for power-factor correction. If a transmission line has a load with a permanently poor power factor, reactors would be connected at the receiving end to correct the power factor and thus reduce the current and the power losses in the resistance of the line.  An auxiliary transformer is used to supply low voltage for AC power system inside substation such as lighting ,air conditioners and other AC supply system and DC power system such as protection relays, batteries, SCADA & telecom system and other DC supply system.

Quote from Chief Maintenance Supervisor 
“We’ve been utilizing the services of US Clean Blast   for the last few months to clean our high tension switchgear…. The process utilizes dry iceblasting , so there is no mess and the result is quite effective.”  Website is is an expert in the industrial equipment and plant cleaning industry.  Our technicians are the best in the business because we focus on training, learning and keeping ahead of industry advancements.  Please see our credentials.

If you have an industrial or commercial plant with heavy equipment which needs periodic cleaning please contact us at  (888) 498-7949 or  (973) 770-9636.  We travel nationwide for our clients and service many industries including – power and electric, manufacturing, food services, plastics, historic properties and real estate, and many more.

Cleaning power substations with Dry Ice Blasting
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