Dry Ice Blasting in the Automotive Industry

A non-abrasive method to remove grease, sludge, sealant and slag! Faster and much more effective than current cleaning processes!

Dry Ice Blasting :
Non-Abrasive Cleaning Process

Dry ice blast cleaning has helped many automotive companies cut their mold-buildup cleaning costs by over $50,000 a year. Dry ice blasting cleans with a non-abrasive process and removes grease, sludge, sealant and weld slag from your expensive equipment.

Dry ice blasting creates no secondary contaminated waste, which means that expensive disposal is necessary. Unlike sand blasting, dry ice blasting does not leave sand and grit behind that must be removed to prevent damage to bearings, any equipment or other valuable moving machinery. In addition, there is no danger of explosive gas with dry ice blasting, therefore it is safe to use in the vicinity of electrical arcs.

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