Dry Ice Blasting for Printing Presses

printing press
printing press cleaned with dry ice blasting

Machinery can be cleaned without being disassembled ,using dry ice blasting which results in decreased labor time and less down time. Bobbi M. Monacelli from UScleanblast stated that the plant managers think it is a major cost cutter in the long run.

The chemicals used such as Trichloroethylene, or TCA, are dangerous to health and are regulated closely by the EPA and are man-made chemical. Dry ice blasting is the much safer choice and  is the highly recommended process today. A safer recommended option to using TCA for the cleaning of the presses, solid rice-sized pellets of dry ice can be used as a blasting medium for cleaning the ink and residue accumulated from the wear and tear from commercial printing presses.

UScleanblast specializes in this process, and it is being requested by many companies all through the country.

How Do We Use Dry Ice Blasting to Clean Printing Presses?

The dry ice pellets are “blasted” with compressed air through specialized nozzles which is where the term “dry ice blasting” comes from. Upon impact the dry ice pellets dissipate to the atmosphere, leaving no hazardous chemicals, because there isn’t any. The harsh alternative, TCA, is dangerous and needs to be professionally disposed of.

The cleaning time of commercial printers can be saved with dry ice blasting. The disassembling of precision components can be very difficult and time consuming and put unnecessary wear and tear on the valuable machines.

The presses are “ready to roll”, getting on with business, as soon as the dry ice blasting is completed – without waiting for solvent or water drying time! The residue removal from the machines is the only clean-up necessary. And very importantly, OSHA has no requirements for worker protection now from solvents when using dry ice blasting and no costly and hazardous expensive solvent disposal.

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