This image showcases our USCleanbast team using dry ice blasting on a crane at a waste refuse management facility.  As you can see from this video this method of cleaning is extremely cost effective and time efficient.  Our highly trained operators can quickly remove dirt, grime, grease, chemicals, paint, glues, resins, etc. essentially using frozen gas.

Carbon Dioxide is a natural colorless gas with a density about 60% higher than that of dry air.  When Co2 is frozen and used in pellet form it becomes a soft yet aggressive cleaning agent which can be utilized in hundreds of industrial and commercial applications.  Dry Ice is pushed through specialize high-velocity nozzles onto the surface being cleaned.   Dry Ice blasting looks easy but it’s pretty interesting science.  When the frozen Co2 is pushed through our specialized equipment it creates thermal dynamics and kinetic energy and the gas in the Co2 is released which separates the bond between the contaminant (whatever we are removing) and the substrate (material surface).  This process safely removes the material without harming the surface.


Frozen Co2 ice particles are soft compared to other forms of media blasting and evaporate on contact with the surface material.  Which limits clean up to just the material removed.  In addition, because Co2 evaporates on contact, equipment downtime is reduced or eliminated because we can sometimes clean the equipment continues to operate.


The frozen pellets are so soft that we can use this process to clean sensitive and delicate equipment such as electrical components, sensors, wiring and heavy duty equipment like conveyor belts, turbines, food processing equipment, ovens and more.  Our Clients include manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, metals and plastic foundries, equipment maintenance companies, fire restoration, companies that deal with combustible dust, and many more.


US Cleanblast has been providing commercial and industrial cleaning for over 25 years and we have expert, certified and fully trained technicians to handle to most complicated projects and we are available for one-off cleaning or recurring maintenance programs.


Dry Ice Blasting at any Height!
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