Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning VS Replacement Plant operators and manufacturers are often tasked with the decision, “Do we repair or replace non-efficient equipment?”. At US Clean Blast the answer is simple; “Clean it’! For over 22 years, US Clean Blast has been a leader in industrial and commercial manufacturing cleaning. We have a proven track record utilizing Dry Ice Blasting to effectively clean plant and manufacturing equipment with the relatively simple and quick process. Our expertly trained technicians use high pressure, specialized nozzles and CO2 pellets to remove dirt, grime and surface irregularities without damaging the underlying substrate. The best part is the dry ice evaporates immediately resulting in zero waste and little or no cleanup. Also, there is often no disassembly required and can be done while neighboring equipment is still operating. On average, our customers have seen a 4-day savings between Dry Ice Blasting vs using chemicals or other cleaning materials. Call or email us at US Clean Blast today for a free proposal 1-888-498-7949 or bobbim@uscleanblast.com.

Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning VS Replacement
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