CCJ did an article regarding cleaning Gas Turbine Cleaning was featured in this article :

During hot-gas-path and major inspections, the upper half of the turbine casing is removed to access, inspect, and remove (as needed) any blades (buckets). GT power augmentation (steam or water) and extended time on turning gear can add to the risk of rust and other deposits accumulating in the rotor slots.  

Often, because of accumulation, removing some blades can be challenging, as can be reinstalling the blades. The rotor slots must be completely clean, and this is becoming an ideal application for dry ice. In the past this was done by hand—a slow and interruptive process with possible chemical exposure. CO2 can do a better job in less time, without interrupting overhaul activities. More than one site reported that all turbine rotor slots can be blasted clean in one shift .

Ice blasting is a quick and easy option for compressor blades

When CO2 is used on the compressor stator, cleaning is reported as thorough and efficient. Cleaning of inlet scrolls in place is another application and has been done successfully in the field Inside, outside, and beyond by Uscleanblast .

Benefits of our Dry Ice Blasting Process:

  • Save time and money
  • Reduces catastrophic failure
  • Eliminate secondary waste
  • Increases polarization indices
  • Improves thermal dissipation
  • Reduces outage time for cleaning
  • Improves readings

Customer Comment:

“The turbine was cleaned in 1⁄2 the time expected and it was spotless. Dry ice blasting is the answer. It really helped us in preparing for our upcoming inspections.”– Siemens

“The overall result of choosing dry ice blasting is going to revolutionize the cleaning of the motor’s electrical windings and in generator…amazing…electric readings went from 100 mega ohms before ice blasting to 40,000 mega ohms after ice blasting”

– General Electric Company



Dry Ice Blasting Gas Turbines
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