Dry Ice Blasting Glass Lined Vessels!

The UScleanblast/Advanced Indoor Air Quality Care Corporation (AIAQC) announced another achievement in its industrial cleaning operations. A well respected scientist from one of our nation’s largest chemical companies approached the aforementioned cleaning company to determine if it was possible to clean its very expensive and highly delicate glass lined vessels using their high pressure carbon dioxide pellet cleaning procedures. In June 2013, one of the many glass lined vessels of this company was cleaned with great success. The company was also pleased by the diligence and professionalism of the AIAQC team members.

Quote –
“The substrate was protected and not damaged in anyway and the cleaning was a success, the crew was very skilled and professional”

The dry ice blasting/ CO2 cleaning process is not only non-toxic and non-corrosive, but the carbon dioxide pellets sublimate away leaving no residue except the unwanted coating material which is easily vacuumed away. The dry ice blasting procedure is one hundred percent environmentally friendly. Needless to say the company was completely satisfied with the procedure and will have AIAQC clean all its vessels in the future.

F. R. Taylor, Ph.D. Physical Chemist

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