There are many obstacles that face manufacturers and plant operators.  As experts at industrial and commercial manufacturing cleaning we can provide tremendous insight on how to efficiently clean plants, equipment, machinery and facilities.   It’s obvious when assembly lines, machines, molds, and other parts of your plant become dirty; efficiency levels drop, productivity levels decrease and profitability is effected.

dry ice cleaning machineryThe decision to repair or clean effects downtime and profits.  The use of Dry Ice Blasting provides several benefits that may warrant its use.  First, dry ice blasting provides a superior clean.  High powered pressurize C02 pellets remove dirt, grime, surface irregularities without damaging the underlying surface materials.  Second, the dry ice evaporates immediately resulting in zero waste and little or no cleanup.  Third, Dry Ice blasting can be used while the plant, machinery and equipment is operating.  It can clean machines, motors, conveyor systems and other parts of your line while it is still on-line. This will reduce time-loss costs and labor costs having to take equipment off and on-line.  Dry Ice Blasting is fast and effective. Dry ice blasting reduces the cleaning time by up to 4 times.  Traditional cleaning methods including chemicals, steam, and powerwashing often add additional days to a project vs. hours for dry ice cleaning.  Dry Ice is environmentally safe and causes no secondary waste; saving you money on projects.


Dry Ice Blasting in Manufacturing Plants
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