Dry Ice Blasting on the Bayou

Power Plant Cleaning

Last week our crew was sent to an NRG power plant in Louisiana. They cleaned this stator using CO2 blasting to remove carbon debris, gasket debris, and surface rust. The plant operators were impressed with the results.

Over time, due to excessive running rotor, stator, or HRSG’s get very dirty. US Cleanblast uses a unique process of cleaning using Carbon Dioxide pellets during a blasting process similar to media blasting. This is a cost effective and very efficient procedure. Dry ice is also eco-friendly because it is simply CO2 at 110 degrees below zero . CO2 blasting works on kinetics by freezing the debris adhered to the substrate. CO2 blasting goes from a solid to a gas called sublimation. This means no secondary waste, faster cleanup, and more money saved.

If an outage is in your future , contact us and let us give you a competitive bid to keep your costs of both cleaning and time down at a minimum.

Dry Ice Blasting in the Bayou
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