Plastics Industry- Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

cleaning a plastics mold with dry ice blasting

Remove residue build up and prevent clogged machinery….

Using Dry Ice to Clean Plastics Industrial Equipment

Dry Ice Blasting is increasingly requested and used in the Plastics Industry. The process of cleaning mold cavities and vents has been a concern for plastic part manufacturers to maintain the production of the machines. Improper cleaning or maintenance of the machines can lead to the build-up of unwanted surface residues. These residues can be a result of the off-gases from resin additive or the use of mold releases. These problems can cause a industry team “knock out”, which will interfere with the quality of the product and can cause major damage to the equipment . This can cause major challenges to the manufacturers and how to deal with the clogged vents and unproductive equipment.

Traditionally, companies have been hand cleaning with tedious, ineffective hand tools and dangerous chemicals . Dry Ice Blasting has become the answer to this issue with a cost effective, non-abrasive, environmentally responsible process. Cleanings can be done in place without timely disassembly. There is no secondary waste stream and there is no containment necessary. Plant managers have been very excited about the cleanings. Also, UScleanblast has been getting contracts to do yearly maintenance. This has allowed less downtime, equipment to be cleaned in a fraction of the time, increased safety for employees and increased cycles between preventive maintenance.

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