Dustless Blasting for Welding Inspection on High & Low Pressure Vessels and Piping

Dustless Blasting on Pipes

Dustless Blasting for Welding Inspection on High & Low Pressure Vessels and Piping
OSHA has put into effect that all high and low pressure welds on pipes and pressure vessels must be inspected. The image above is a High Pressure pipe that is covered by insulation. Even with the covering, the pipe has accumulated rust and dirt over time. This dirt covers the welding seams of the pipe; making it difficult to check the welding. Using a dustless blasting system, USCleanBlast was able to remove the dirt and rust from the pipe rapidly. If your jobsite is sensitive to dust and contaminants, or when open-air blasting is prohibited, is simply not possible Dustless blasting is the answer. This saved the power plant time and money in regards to fines.

Blast and Recovery Systems (BRS) are specifically designed for use when open-air blasting is not allowed at the plant. These systems blast and recover spent abrasive, contaminants and dust at the same time. They can also be used to blast and then vacuum abrasive independently. The machine can simultaneously clean the material and blast. Thus creating a cycle of blasting, cleaning the material, shifting the material back into the tank, and re-blasting the material again. This is the money saving option for your plant.

It is a highly technical service and the technicians at USCleanBlast are fully qualified to use these machines. This process is quick and effective. Click this link to see how USCleanBlast can help you: https://uscleanblast.com/

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Dustless Blasting for Welding Inspection onHigh & Low Pressure Vessels and Piping
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