image 4Electrical Sub Station Equipment Cleaning

Sub-Station Cleaning, switch gears, breakers, bushings, insulators, isolators, reactors, interior/exterior housing, etc.

Ice Blasting for critical cleaning of power generation components is the process used today. Cleaning VS Replacement is the answer ! Quote from a plant manager “ We are saving thousands on replacement of equipment.” This non-conductive, moisture-less, , non-abrasive cleaning method is being used by in facilities and the results are tremendous. Contaminants such as carbon ,oil, grease, , dirt, dust and loose surface rust can be cost effectively and precisely removed. This process is being used to clean control cabinets ,electrical motors, equipment, , circuit breakers and circuit boards, whatever needs cleaning.

Plant Managers are using ice blasting for preventive maintenance which is so critical for utility operations. Ice blasting effectively removes loose surface contaminants. We are cleaning pad-mounted switchgear transformer bushings :, reactors, and line insulators. is using this non-abrasive dry ice blasting process for all cleaning of critical power generation components such as turbines, stationary turbine housings, diaphragms, economizer fins, generator windings, insulators, transformers and other parts. (Some of these were previously cleaned with grit blasting. That makes them prone to damage or grit entrapment .)  For Ice Blasting Call us at 1-800 498-7949 to discuss.
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Electrical Sub Station Equipment Cleaning
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