Escalators are one of the most popular transit machines within shopping malls, airports, arenas, train stations and many more large complexes that require the quick movement of masses of people. By nature, as hundreds or thousands of people use these machines, escalators become extremely dirty, littered with liquid stains, chewing gum, dust, hair, dirt and many other unwanted particulates. Opposed to the conventional  method of the escalator cleaning machine, which uses harsh bristles and chemicals, Dry Ice Blasting can remove every piece of stubborn dirt, debris, gum and more from the surface of the stairs. It does not introduce the risk of allowing any outside chemicals or debris into the grease pit, which could greatly effect the overall performance of the machine.  Dry Ice Blasting does not introduce any secondary waste, chemicals or water to the surface being cleaned and is an extremely efficient and effective way of cleaning a dirty, unprofessional – looking escalator.

“The cleanest that I’ve ever seen.. “  -NYC Shopping Mall Manager

Escalator Cleaning – Dry Ice Blasting
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