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Generator stator cleaning with CO2 is increasingly in demand because of the outstanding results plants are receiving all over the country.   Bobbi Monacelli of UScleanblast stated, with the field (rotor)  removed, we generally blast the core and get any debris or contamination off the laminations. At times,  in the past solvents have been used especially on the end windings.    CO2/ dry ice blasting is first used to get everything clean, then follow with hand wiping as needed, perhaps using alcohol and Positron.  In the past, this entire process was done by hand with potentially harmful cleaners that could leave a residue. Using CO2 has removed most of the handwork and is safe as there are no chemicals. The dry ice sublimates to a gas upon impact. There is no secondary waste and this also helps with less downtime in your plant.

The overwhelming need for this cleaning?

Some failure that occurs due to a dirty generator stator include installation break down,  magnetic field interference and excessive heat. This directly affects the performance and efficiency in the plant.

Experience does count…Blasting technicians must be highly trained and qualified to perform this work. UScleanblast has over 20 years experience generator motors.  One plant notated that a past ice blaster from well know company in the mid-west sent an inexperienced blaster and they experience damage to the windings.  This can result in very expensive costs and considerable downtime.   Experience is the key to a success with this process.  “References are key and with 20 years experience, we can supply plenty” replied Monacelli.

generator stator ice blasted and cleaned - after

generator stator really dirty before cleaning








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Experience Counts when cleaning generators
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