food processing equipment cleaningFood Processing Equipment and Plant Cleaning

As you can see from the image – and Advanced Indoor Air Quality Care specialize in cleaning food processing equipment and food processing plants.  In general we use dry ice blasting to clean food processing equipment.  Dry Ice Blasting is FDA, EPA and USDA  approved for cleaning in  food processing industry.  Dry ice blasting has been documented by the Food Standards Agency to effectively decontaminate surfaces of Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria. Aside from removing these harmful bacteria, our industrial sanitation services have many other benefits for food processing a safe and non-toxic cleaning method.

There are many benefits to using dry ice blasting in food processing facility. First, it requires little or no downtime. Since dry ice evaporates instantly equipment, in most cases can continue to operate. There is zero to little waste and virtually no clean up. Dry Ice blasting is eco-friendly and more  efficient than other blasting material or clean solvents.  If you have a plant involved in food processing of any kind and want to learn about the cost efficiency of dry ice blasting please contact us at (973) 770-9636

Food Processing Plant Cleaning
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