Chances are, if you aren’t working with it or haven’t been charged with maintaining it, you haven’t. However, switchgear is one of the most important but overlooked mechanisms. I mean, it only is the most valuable piece of any high-voltage electric equipment and it is everywhere! Think airports, hospitals, military bases, universities just to name a few. If your switchgear is out of commission, there is a HUGE problem.

So how do you maintain it with the lowest cost and shortest downtime? The answer is simple; Dry Ice Blasting. Here at US Clean Blast we utilize a completely dry, safe and efficient method to clean all electrical substations and leave no secondary waste cleanup. Also, this process does not introduce unwanted moisture or water which is imperative when working with any high-voltage equipment. The Dry Ice Blast process is so quick and effective that there is no need to for a high cost mobile power station.

The reason for cleaning the switchgear regularly is simple; no arc flashes. If these systems are left uncleaned (as many are) the dirt, dust and debris cause an arc flash which will cause a dead short resulting in a fire. Usually, the aftermath of this is catastrophic and costly to fix. Don’t let this be your business. Call us today for more detailed information and let our 20 years of expertise help you avoid a costly mistake.

Figure 2 Switchgear after Dry Ice Blasting by US Clean Blast
Figure 1 Switchgear before Dry Ice Blasting by US Clean Blast
Have you ever heard of a Switchgear?
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