Brick wall fire restoration in progress
Brick wall fire restoration in progress

Historic Property Cleaning & Resotoration

Dry Ice Blasting is ideal for Historical Renovations because cleaning process is “dry” and “non-abrasive” therefore the underlying surface – wood, stone, brick, etc. can be cleaned without disruption. We provides expert historical property cleaning and can remove any material cleanly and safely.

Historic Properties can be damaged by many things – smoke damage, water damage, mold and mildew, lead based paint, carbon build up, etc. Cold Tech performs mold remediation in addition to removing any material from any surfaces type – paint, soot, grime, etc.We can bring back the surface to its original state on any historical renovation without damaging the surface or any material around it.Dry Ice blast cleaning is exact – we can clean any spot without disrupting anything close by.

Dry Ice Blasting safely Restores Fire Damage & Mold on Historic Properties

Dry Ice in its cleaning form is a high pressured gas so there is no secondary waste, no water damage, and it’s environmentally safe. Dry Ice Blasting offers the most delicate, yet cost effective way to successfully restore a historic building during a restoration project.

  • soda-blasting-featuredCleans & restores the historical buildings w/out damage
  • Cleans detail work, tight spots, around nails and obstructions
  • Removes lead based paints
  • Cleans around wiring/plumbing without damage
  • Restore original details without the secondary waste
  • Uncovers the detail of a structure
  • Executes a highly safe and efficient cleaning process
  • Leaves no secondary waste streams
  • Helps eliminate the use of tough chemicals and abrasive cleaning methods

Historic Renovation Cleaning Options:

  • Lead paint abatement
  • Fire, smoke, water damage
  • Graffiti removal
  • Adhesive and tar removal
  • Reversal of aging effect
  • Removal of corrosive contaminants
  • Mold remediation
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