Our HRSG Cleaning Process and Results – heat recovery steam generator

How Advanced Indoor Quality Care – USCleanBlast.com stands apart from our competitors…

  1. Custom designed, Different size nozzles (length & OD’s) to be able to penetrate deeper into the tube bundles.
  2. We spend the proper time cleaning the tube bundles. (we don’t rush the cleaning)
  3. After dry ice blast cleaning, a High air pressure blow down of all areas that have been blasted. (350 psi or greater.)
  4. Low air pressure and vacuuming of the SCR/CO catalyst (No greater than 60 PSI if you use more than that there is a possibility of blowing out the insulation.) after the blow down vacuuming of the other side.
  5. The use of sky climbers. (if they have the ports) That’s a big cost saving instead of scaffolding out HRSG
  6. Clean up after the HRSG Blasting. We do a very thorough job removing all debris from floors and sub compartment floors. We have class 1 division 1 vacuum system for the cleanup if required
  7. Experience,  Our main blasters have been blasting for up to 20 years !
  8. Long term Personnel highly qualified and trained. OHSA 10 certified
  9. Woman owned, small company low overhead.  Cost Effective prices
  10. Will go anywhere in the USA
  11. Our backpressure numbers speak the truth    ( Back pressure results 3-5 inch drop)
  12. Removal from 3 tons and up to 6 tons of debris
  13.  PERFECT  Safety Record   ISNetworld  Safety Approved    “A” Rating

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