Expert Medical Device Manufacturing Cleaning

C02 Blasting is ideal for the medical device manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. It’s ideal because dry ice cleaning produces no waste, is non-toxic and can clean delicate and intricate devices – instantly.  Medical device manufacturers and the Pharmaceutical industries are well-familiar with micro-molding of precision (high-tolerance) parts and their associated issues.For these companies clean manufacturing equipment is paramount.

Mold and Tool Cleaning with C02 Blasting

Cleaning micro-cavities in production molds and the small, deep, complex geometry of micro tools is a critical concern when manufacturing very high tolerance medical device parts. Cleaning the clamping devices (used during the fabrication process) and removing parting line flash (deflashing) or material burrs (deburring) from final products are equally significant manufacturing issues. Our dry ice blast cleaning has been shown to cut cleaning time by up to 75% in the precision and micro mold industries, as well as significantly reducing replacement tooling costs and product scrap rates while increasing quality output. Unlike micro-sandblasting (a common technique used for removing buildup from clamps holding parts in place during manufacture) dry ice blast cleaning does not damage or destroy the clamps – eliminating high tooling replacement costs.

Dry ice blast cleaning also requires no secondary waste cleanup from grit media or solvent use. Dry ice blasting systems generally eliminate the need to disassemble tooling during cleaning. All of these savings contribute to not only reduced cleaning costs, but also decreased overall downtime and reduced product scrap rates.

We provide dry ice blast cleaning services to high precision medical device and pharmaceutical manufactures and industrial businesses in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions

Watch Dry Ice Cleaning in Action on Molds and Equipment

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