Mold Remediation with Dry Ice Blasting

Mold Remediation Experts

Uscleanblast specializes in removing mold and bacteria from residential and commercial properties.  With over 20+ years of experience and the state of the art equipment, training and experience we are the company to call when your family or employees health is paramount.  We utilize dry ice blasting, C02 Blasting which is the safest, most effective and efficient method available today.  We are certified experts in mold remediation so contact us for a free estimate today!

Ultimate Protection

Protect your family and employees from the health risks associated with toxic mold! As a total air quality improvement company, Uscleanblast’s team of certified mold inspectors provides complete indoor air quality testing services for your home or commercial property. With industrial hygienists on staff, we are fully certified and insured to provide total mold remediation services that are even safe for kids and pets. From initial testing to remediation and HEPA vacuuming, we are proud to make your home or office a healthy environment!

Get it right the first time with dry ice blasting!

mold on subfloormold on subfloor after

What Is Dry Ice Blasting?

Picture sandblasting or high-pressure water blasting, but with dry ice pellets. It is environmentally safe, kills 100% of mold spores, and removes the staining. Under pressurized air stream, the dry ice pellets are sent out accelerating at supersonic speeds to remove the mold off the substrate. Between the dry ice blast cleaning kinetic energy and thermal effects it breaks the connection between the mold and the wood. The dry ice blasting process is , non-corrosive, and non-conductive, non-toxic. As the dry ice particles impact the surface being cleaned, there is no secondary waste. Since there is no secondary waste stream, then we just hepa vacuum the blasted mold that was removed during the process.

Dry ice blasting completely removes the mold spores from wood surfaces with less effort and in less time. With dry ice blasting, Uscleanblast’s professionals can get in between beams, around electric wiring without any damage, into roof sheathing, allowing for complete mold spore removal and helping to reduce, and in some cases, eliminate the need for biocides and encapsulation. In a typical home remediation project, the mold removal off of sheeting and beams would takes 3 professionals approx. 5 business days to complete the project. There is lots of labor sanding and scraping, but with dry ice blasting, the process typically takes 2 technicians in 2 days. Less money for you because its less time for us.

Watch an educational video on removing mold with Dry Ice Blasting:

Our Mold Remediation Process

  1. Containment/ Negative Air
  2. Vacuum
  3. Blast up approx. 600 sq. feet and up a day.
  4. Sanitize (As necessary)
  5. Vacuum – Again to remove residual mold and wood that was removed while blasting the mold
  6. Sanitize (As necessary)

“Dry ice blasting – Get it right the first time”, which is very critical since you’re dealing with a toxic substance. The homeowner or business will know that their home or business is safe again. Combine these benefits with the fact that dry ice blasting is an environmentally recommended method. It is also supportive in regards to the recommendations of the EPA concerning the use of chemical agents. It is the recommended process in the mold remediation industry.

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