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Expert Packaging Facility & Equipment Cleaning

Dry Ice Blast cleaning is ideal for the packaging industry. It is critical for this industry to keep up on cleanliness for performance, functionality, and efficiency. A superior clean by US Cleanblast can remove what the eye can and cannot see and keep packaging facilities running at peak performance.

Dry Ice Blasting can be used to clean the rollers, belts, machines and equipment in a packaging facility.  US Cleanblast has over 20+ years of experience and has expertise in cleaning and restoring equipment in the packaging and printing industry.  We are experts in all forms of media blasting and are licensed and insured.

What We Clean

Auto Pouch Filling Machine

Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Bagging Machines


Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink Bundling Machines

Shrink Tunnels

Printing Press Equipment Cleaning

There are several applications to this process in the Packaging industry. It is efficient in cleaning packaging processes such as ink-jet processes and printing. There are many advantages to Dry Ice Blasting in this industry. The process is fast and efficient and can get the hard – to – reach places that other cleaning methods cannot. One main advantage is time efficiency. Unlike traditional cleaning processes, there is no need to dis-assemble the equipment. Therefore, there is less downtime and no need to shut down and dismantle assembly lines. Another advantage is the fact that Dry Ice Blasting does not introduce water, which can interfere with electrical systems, or any type of secondary waste to clean up afterwards, resulting in a more time and cost efficient process.

Watch a brief video on cleaning and restoration in a packaging facility.

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