dry ice pelletsNo, it’s not rice, not confetti or coconut it’s the world’s most powerful cleaning agent made of Carbon Dioxide C02 – aka Dry Ice.  These little frozen pellets – when shot through a special gun at super high speed can remove any dirt, grime, rust, dust, resins, paints, solvents, etc. and leave you with an ultra clean surface without damaging the subsurface material.

Dry Ice Blasting is super safe.  There are no chemicals or toxins in C02.  It’s a natural material.  Dry ice evaporates on contact so there is no clean up required.  Dry ice can by used on operating equipment reducing downtime, if any.  Dry ice blasting cleans faster than any other media blasting options.  The faster the time required to clean the less expensive it is to clean.  It’s that simple.  Call us for a free estimate – (973) 770-9636.  Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Experts,   We clean machinery, equipment, facilities interior and exteriors as well.

The most powerful cleaning agent on earth
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