BEFORE Media Blasting was hired to restore this brick façade in a historic commercial property in Paterson NJ.  This property was originally built as a silk factory but was vacant for many years.   A Fortune 500 company purchased the property and hired UScleanblast to restore the building to it’s original state.

We used media blasting to remove the layers of paint, dirt and grime to reveal its original brick color and historical  beauty.   This area was approximately 4,000 sq feet and we accomplished this look in only 3 hours.



AFTER Media Blasting


dry ice blasting historic property specializes in restoration of heavy equipment, manufacturing facilities and real estate.  Using a variety of methods including dry ice blasting and media blasting we can restore and clean any surface without damaging the underlying materials.  We have vast experience performing these tasks and our engineers are fully trained for any application.


Real Estate restoration with media blasting
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