Surface Preparation

At UScleanblast we use very advanced systems of preparation on any project.  No matter what media we use for cleaning, preparation is a critical step in the process.  For example, when using dry ice blasting we take high-density pellets are used which are more aggressive than and safer than any other process to date. We blast at a controlled 200- 300 psi which ensures that all necessary materials are removed from the substrate and further paint failure will not occur underneath the new coating. We even recently successfully ice blasted a coating off the side of the Metropolitan Museum. High pressure is key in providing adequate surface prep. We use the most advanced equipment including Cold Jet ice blasting machines and our recently added Atlas Copco compressors to our fleet.

The Cleanest Possible Surface

UScleanblast ice blasting does a superior job preparing surfaces for painting because it provides the “cleanest” surface possible.  When ice blasting the surface, the dry ice molecule penetrates deep into any pores, crevices profiles, and any grooves. It continues until it makes contact with the inner most surface. At this point it sublimes and expands about 800 times its size thereby removing any possible contaminant not just on the surface, but deep within the surface The cleaner the surface, the better a new coating will bond, and therefore, it will in turn last . This innovative process of ice blasting removes all microorganisms and oils or residue , which can contribute to paint failure if they are not removed.

Coatings can be applied immediately after the surface is ice blasted because it is completely. Ice blasting will dry out the wet surface, if there is any moisture on the surface. Ice blasting provide the cleanest possible surface for applying a coating, this will also be the best surface for paint to bond. Compared to other methods, these factors produce the greatest longevity for the paint’s bond and life.

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