, Advanced Indoor Qualtiy Care shows recent examples of the type of projects we clean using C02 Blasting and Dry Ice Blasting.  The first images show us the results cleaning a loading dock that had been stained with rust and grime from factory waste.  Using dry ice blasting we can completely remove and restore the original sub-surface of the concrete making it look brand new and certainly more clean and sanitary.  The second image shows the restoration of the brick facades in New York City.  Dry Ice cleaning is safe, eco-friendly, effective and 10 times faster than any other blasting services.  Dry ice vaporizes on contact leaving no residue or waste.   Easy clean up, affordable and effective on any application or building type.

loading dock beautification after meidal beautification loading dock beautification media blasting image002 (1)

Using Dry Ice Cleaning for Brick and Concrete Surfaces
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