Removing laminate coating and glue with dry ice blasting is the best way to remove these  containment.  Buildup from glue and lint are common problems within the textile industry. We cleaned up this  buildup without disassembly or damage to the equipment . Dry ice cleaning uses  recycled CO2 in the form of solid dry ice particles.  In the process  it is  accelerated with compressed air through high velocity nozzles onto the surface being cleaned. The combination of the thermal dynamics ,kinetic impact, and gas expansion breaks the bond between the contaminant and the substrate and it releases the bond and is cleaned away.

CO2 ice particles are relatively soft compared to other forms of blast media and provide a gentle yet aggressive clean.  This clean  is non-abrasive – improving asset utilization rates and extending the life of your equipment. This also allows effective cleaning with no damage to delicate equipment and in sensitive areas such as sensors and wiring. Take a look at our before and after results.


                                                 Before                                                                                              After

Utilizing dry ice blasting , a proven methodology for removing adhesive from processing machinery.
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