Expert Cleaning & Restoration Service

UScleanblast specializes in cleaning manufacturing facilities, equipment, industrial and commercial facilities.  We utilize a variety of methods to clean these facilities and equipment which include:  Dry Ice Blasting (or C02 Blasting), Soda Blasting, Media Blasting, and Combustible Dust Removal.  Over the past 22 years we’ve become experts in cleaning just about any building or equipment that requires a clean surface to look good or operate efficiently.

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

Over time factories, manufacturing facilities, machinery and equipment get dirty.  Dust, solvents, residues, etc. cover and coat the surfaces of the equipment making them operate inefficiently ultimately leading to work stoppages, downtime and poor performance.  Proper maintenance and cleaning increase efficiency and extend the life of the equipment.  We specialize in cleaning and the maintaining of your facilities, plants, machinery and equipment.  It’s affordable, professional and sound investment.

Industries We Serve:

  • Aerospace Equipment and Facilities
  • Automotive Equipment, Facilities and Assembly Lines
  • Electric Motors
  • Food & Beverage – Commercial Kitchens, Food Processing, Coffee Roasters,
  • Foundry – Molds and Equipment
  • Medical Device Manufacturing – molds, conveyors, equipment
  • Packaging & Printing – equipment, presses, paints, solvents
  • Plastics – equipment, molds
  • Power Generation – HRSG’s, Turbines, Motors
  • Printing Plants
  • Real Estate – mold removal, graffitti, fire restoration

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