A structure that has years of build-up, grime and possibly lead-based paint? The answer is simple; you Dry Ice Blast! US Clean Blast has years of experience in Dry Ice Blasting paint, even lead based, from structures in a cost-effective, safe and timely manner.  We remove flaking, peeling, chipping paint that is not properly adhered.  Any paint that is properly adhered we profile for paint prep.

How does this process work? Easy! Dry ice blasting uses small pellets of dry ice to safely remove built-up paint from any surface. It is less abrasive and due to its chemical make-up, using dry ice to remove paint is better for the environment and better for your machines compared to other methods. When the dry ice pellets hit target surfaces, it causes a process called thermo-shock. As the substrate temperature decreases, it becomes brittle, enabling the dry ice particle to break up failed paint and surface contamination. Blast away multiple layers at a time with no damage to the surface or surrounding area. Also, the cleanup is simple! Because the CO2 quickly dissipates into the gas carbon dioxide there is very little blast residue to clean up — only the failed paint film or removed contamination.

How do you prep a commercial warehouse or older building for new paint?
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